Tbol, T-bol, Turinabol. You can call it differently, but it will still be the best steroid

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How to build bigger arms – biceps workout

Good afternoon, dear readers. In this article, we’ll talk about biceps. What kind of muscles are these, where are they located, what function do they fulfill, and how to target them. What is biceps and where is it located The medical name for biceps is the biceps muscle of the shoulder. It includes short and long parts. The first…
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Hack squat guide

Athletes use a standard set of exercises for leg training: squats with a barbell, all kinds of extensions, leg presses, not knowing that perhaps the most productive are hack squats. They got the name Hack in honor of George Gakkenshmidt – a fighter, who invented a special machine, which is a steel frame on which the…
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Leg raise for a perfect abs workout

Exercise Features: The main muscle groups: Abs Additional muscle groups: Hips For whom: For a middle level athletes Lifting the legs in the hanger is one of the most difficult abdominal exercises. It combines the pressure on the abs and on the hips. We offer you a guide that, in combination with turnabol and cardio…
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Can I drink alcohol after T-bol?

Artificial drug, which is actively used by athletes and bodybuilders – this is t-bol. Post-admission may experience nausea. Especially this occurs if there is an overdose of the drug. Many believe that steroids have a negative impact on the human body, giving impetus to the occurrence of side effects and health problems. The greatest damage…
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What gives Turbinol and how it acts on the body?

Sports nutrition that promotes muscle gain is popular among athletes, but not all of them know what Turbinol oral gives and why it is so important to take this supplement. Using it greatly increases the chances of getting the desired result quickly during exercise, but this effect is largely depends on compliance with the rules…
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How to use Tbol in powder?

Visiting the hall, many athletes hope to quickly build muscle, become stronger and stronger. To achieve quick success without the help of sports nutrition is unlikely. Tbol, which is available in powder or capsule form, is considered an effective bodybuilder. Each form requires the correct application, which depends on what the athlete wants to achieve.…
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Tbol cycle

Getting rid of body fat with the Tbol cycle

Let’s see if you need Turinabol for weight loss, or not? Let’s start. Turinabol steroid is a substance used as a fat burner in professional and amateur fitness. It is synthesized in the human brain, kidneys and liver. But for normal production requires high-quality balanced nutrition with plenty of animal protein (since the main source of…
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Turnabol steroid: how to take + information about possible side effects

Adequate steroid production is very important for the development of the male body. Androgens include such an important hormone as testosterone, which plays a key role in the male body. When a man produces an insufficient amount of it, then he can begin to go bald, libido decreases, and the mass is gaining very hard.…
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What Turanabol is,We understand how to take it

  What is Turanabol? The abbreviation Tbol comes from the English phrase Turinabol and literally means «branched chain steroids». This term unites a group of steroids indispensable for humans (leucine, isoleucine, and valine) involved in building, anabolic, and other equally important internal processes of the body. BIOLOGICAL SIGNIFICANCE OF TURANABOL These compounds make up about…
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Oral Turinabolan

Oral Turinabolan for gaining muscle mass. How to take

  Oral Turinabolan – the most popular and effective steroid. A distinctive feature of the composition of this steroid is a high percentage of carbohydrates, but the Anavar component is present in it in sufficient quantity for muscle growth. The minimum carbohydrate content in the dry mix is ​​at 50% and can reach 75%, depending…
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