Can I drink alcohol after T-bol?

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Artificial drug, which is actively used by athletes and bodybuilders – this is t-bol. Post-admission may experience nausea. Especially this occurs if there is an overdose of the drug. Many believe that steroids have a negative impact on the human body, giving impetus to the occurrence of side effects and health problems. The greatest damage to muscle fibers have a parallel intake of T-bol and alcohol.

Also, it is this steroid that has a beneficial effect on the maximum production of acid and the creation of conditions for rapid muscle recovery. The latter begin to grow at a faster pace, especially with increasing sports loads. If you start using, for example, T-bol steroid and beer, then all the results that have been achieved in a stubborn way will be crossed out. Muscles lose their elasticity, they will not manifest «relief».

Therefore, the benefits of taking T-bol more than the lack of life of an athlete. But is it worth it to combine tbol with alcohol? This you will find in the materials of this article.


Many athletes wonder: «Is it possible to combine the reception of T-bol pills and alcoholic beverages?». The answer to this question is definitely negative. This is due to several reasons.

Specialists in the field of medicine, summarizing the negative effects of the joint use of T-bol and alcohol, determine:

  • Alcoholic beverages significantly reduce the amount of T-bol consumed;
  • Alcohol-containing products can destroy various muscle fibers.

The goal of each athlete is to improve performance in sports, building muscle. Medically, this process is called «Turinabol Synthesis Acceleration». Thanks to the work of Turinabol steroid, it is possible to improve the quality of physical activity of bodybuilders. Therefore, there can be no question that in parallel with taking steroids you will consume alcoholic beverages. Therefore, the reasoning of some individuals that alcohol and T-bol are compatible are considered absurd.

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After the athlete began to consume an amino acid, it begins to replenish the organism with vitamins and biological substances. Oral Tbol after alcohol can cause the following side effects:

one.     Profuse sweating;

2     Excessive swelling as a result of fluid retention in the organs and tissues of the body;

3     It can provoke various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, therefore, it is not recommended to use the drug on an empty stomach;

four.     Alcohol addiction;

five.     With excessive use can occur various diseases of the kidneys, etc.

In a situation where the athlete will begin to combine turinabol and alcoholic beverages (for example, beer), this can provoke exacerbations of existing diseases or provoke new diseases. With excessive use of alcohol, a hangover occurs, a feeling of thirst, muscle spasms, rapid heartbeat. How, after this, can one go to the gym and actively improve one’s physical form?

The body’s activity in such a case will be aimed at reducing processes in the formation of acid-base balance, and not at increasing muscle mass. Therefore, the whole essence of the joint intake of alcohol and Oral Tbol can lead to a lack of results, as well as a complete loss of physical strength achieved.

It has been clinically proven that there are a number of effects from such a combination of Oral T-bol and alcohol. They can be not only unfavorable, but also quite dangerous. Alcohol does not just prevent the additive from fulfilling the main goal. – to increase the endurance of an athlete, but it will also make it possible to aggravate pathologies in the liver and kidneys. Also, alcohol is not beneficial for cardio — vascular system, and in combination with steroids – increase the problems in the heart muscle. When combining alcohol and t-bol, there is a strong thirst, there is excessive swelling. In other words – doubtful pleasure. In any case, it is not necessary to combine alcohol and turinabol, it helps to reduce performance, a person loses concentration and focus on results.

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As the key consequences of alcohol and turinabol steroid ingestion is the loss of physical activity of an athlete. Water disturbances in the human body (in tissues and organs) can also be observed, and therefore, dry mouth and thirst can occur. And in the case of excessive fluid intake – swelling, which will interfere with the implementation of various approaches during the training process.

Remember, if you drink alcoholic beverages and sports supplements in parallel, you will not reach heights and lose your physical fitness.

According to the instructions, you can not use T-bol oral steroid:

one.     To girls during pregnancy and when feeding a baby with breast milk;

2     Persons who have problems with the respiratory system (pulmonary insufficiency, asthma, bronchitis);

3     Persons under the age of majority (in rare cases, the permissible amount of the drug can be taken, but only after a doctor’s prescription);

four.     Citizens who have diabetes of both types.

At the same time, in the instructions for use of Bolpills, there is no prohibition of a joint intake with alcohol. That is, their use is not indicated in parallel. At the same time, the conducted studies confirm the fact that alcohol has only a negative effect on the physical form of the athlete, and also adversely affects the internal organs. This is practically the same as taking a pill to start the pressure, and then try to reduce it. Therefore, the use of T-bol with alcohol is not the best idea. It is necessary to choose either a high-quality and well-developed body, or the pleasure of drinking alcohol.

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