Getting rid of body fat with the Tbol cycle

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Tbol cycle

Let’s see if you need Turinabol for weight loss, or not? Let’s start. Turinabol steroid is a substance used as a fat burner in professional and amateur fitness. It is synthesized in the human brain, kidneys and liver. But for normal production requires high-quality balanced nutrition with plenty of animal protein (since the main source of Tbol serves meat). That is why dieters are advised to take the Tbol cycle as an extra capsule or beverage.

Impact Tbol cycle

The main task of the drug

Tbol cycle

Tbol cycle

Turinabol is also called «T-bol». This drug is a natural factor in the breakdown of adipose tissue. Konobasic functions include the transfer of fatty acids (fats) in the area of ​​their intracellular cleavage. That is, in part of the cells that control the decomposition of organic components: carbohydrates, proteins, fats.

The lack of T-bol in the body prevents the effective breakdown of fats. The lack of this component is often the cause of overweight and obesity.

In addition, with a low content in the body Turinabol a person experiences irritability, chronic fatigue, interruptions in the work of the heart, intolerance to any physical exertion.

The main properties of Tbol

Tbol steroid has many wonderful qualities, including:

  • activation of the fat burning process;
  • the conversion of fat into energy;
  • destruction of existing and prevention of new fat deposits;
  • lowering blood levels of triglycerides and cholesterol;
  • increasing the natural level of adenosine triphosphate (ATP);
  • stimulation of the power of the heart muscle;
  • increase performance;
  • rich oxygenation of cells;
  • shorten recovery period;
  • immunity stimulation;
  • long-lasting effect.
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What is the ultimate benefit of Tbol cycle

A very important point is the oxidation of fats in the presence of Tbol. In this state, fats transfer the body the energy contained in them. This contributes to an increase in the general level of both the physical and mental tonus of a person.

From the very first days of the use of the Tbol cycle, steady weight loss is observed. The process begins «burning» fat (up to 10%). The increasing dynamics of the onset of weight loss remains throughout the duration of the intake and lasts a whole month after the end of the course. If you continue to control the power, then guaranteed long-term preservation of the effect.

How to take Turinabol cycle

For people involved in sports

For weight loss requires 1200 mg of the drug per day. It is good to divide this dose in half. One portion to eat before meals in the form of capsules. Other (about 600 mg) – half an hour before training, preferably in a liquid form. T-bol in ampoules are produced by almost all manufacturers of sports nutrition.

Thus, the reception scheme is:

  • 200 mg before breakfast in 20 minutes;
  • before lunch — 200 mg;
  • before the afternoon snack — 200 mg;
  • half an hour before a workout, take 600 mg.

Since Turinabol is stimulating, limiting guarana and caffeine is recommended for time acceptance.

For ordinary people

Persons who are not keen on sports activities are recommended to take Turinabol three times a day, one or two capsules in the process of eating. For those whose body weight is much higher than the average value, it is recommended to strengthen the daily rate by 1.5-2 times. Reception duration – one month. After a month break, the course can be repeated.

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Side effect and how to avoid it

The only side effect of consuming Turinabol is a significant increase in appetite. This tool speeds up the metabolism at rest. This means more power consumption. That’s where the increased appetite. To simplify dieting, manufacturers often include dietary fiber in the preparation. But the correct diet and exercise can not increase the appetite.

Habitual low-calorie diet is better to replace a fitness diet with five meals without sugar and alcohol, limiting fat and plenty of fruits and vegetables. The training regime should also be reviewed. It should include per week up to 3 strength training (endurance), 6 cardiovascular exercises, changing their intensity and duration.

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