How to use Tbol in powder?

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Visiting the hall, many athletes hope to quickly build muscle, become stronger and stronger. To achieve quick success without the help of sports nutrition is unlikely. Tbol, which is available in powder or capsule form, is considered an effective bodybuilder. Each form requires the correct application, which depends on what the athlete wants to achieve. How to drink T bol oral in powder correctly to avoid side effects is given below.



How to use Turinabol?

Steroid is a mixture of water and T-bol. When properly administered, it is harmless to the body, but only adds to it the endurance and strength that is so necessary for numerous and strenuous training. Just need to know how to properly take T bol in powder.

This substance is produced in the body independently. The content, if we take the average person, does not exceed 120 grams. During the day, an ordinary person spends only 2 grams from this stock, since he does not physically strain himself, while an athlete who is actively engaged, can consume half of the specified amount of substance. At night, such a loss is not replenished, and the subsequent training days are given to the athlete with difficulty. To replenish the supply of natural matter, athletes have to drink synthetic monohydrate.

Powder reception

Certain schedule — No, everything is individual. The substance is recommended to be received during and after the loading phases. If we consider the first option, then a person will need to start with filling the body with a large amount of the Tbol cycle. He will have to use a certain dose of the drug 5 times a day. This should last at least a week, after a certain filling of the body, the athlete can switch to a smaller intake of the substance and drink twice a day.

In order for everything to be successful, it is necessary to drink the powder with plenty of water, juice or tea, which will prevent dehydration of the body and increase the speed of transportation of the substance. Some believe that it is necessary to drink a synthetic drug only with milk, confusing the Anavar stack, when used, of which the milk product is required to be consumed. That is why it is so important to know how to properly use the Tbol cycle in powder. Dairy products can be used if the body is filled with Tbol and Anavar steroid at the same time, in other cases it is enough to stock up on the required amount of water.

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To facilitate the calculation of the required amount of liquid will help special mobile applications, which during the day will give reminiscent signals and count the amount of water you drink.

It is advisable to take a monthly break after an intensive supplement, this time will be enough for a natural analogue to be restored in the body.

The effects of taking a synthetic substance will be felt after a week, since the additive has a cumulative property, the ion interaction will be slightly delayed. This precaution will prevent addiction to the drug, even if the results became visible from the first days, yet you do not need to rush and increase the pace of training, high efficiency can be achieved only with time.

If an athlete takes an additive without the loading phase, it is necessary to drink it before and after training. The duration of use of the substance is then 2 months, then you should take a long break, at least for 3 months, and if necessary, go back to taking the supplement.

Reception in capsules

The convenience of this option is obvious, a small jar with capsules is convenient to use. The capsule form is almost completely absorbed, but part of the analog in the powder is excreted from the body along with water, although it penetrates the muscles faster. Having decided to purchase the capsule form of Tbol cycle, you need to know that it costs more than powder, given the volume of their packages.

Any form of Turinabol should be drunk by an athlete in accordance with the instructions, should not give in to the excitement and drink beyond the specified rate in order to quickly get the long-awaited relief, you can significantly spoil your health.

Dosage for beginners

It will depend on the option of receiving funds. Consider in what doses it can be taken.

Loading doses

The approach for beginners involves the use of substances in high doses in the first week. If you take the powder, it should be taken once a quantity of one teaspoon (or one measuring spoon in a jar). The optimal number of receptions 4 times a day during the week (that is, in general, 20 grams per day is drunk). The drug is drunk in the morning, after 3 hours, at lunch and again after 4 hours in the evening.

Proper intake of Tbol monohydrate in powder suggests reducing the dosage in a week to 5 grams per day (one teaspoon or a measuring spoon). It is necessary to adhere to such dose within 2 months. Then a break is made for a month. It is worth considering that when using the powder, 5 grams of the drug must be diluted in one glass of water, and then drink the diluted supplement with a sufficient amount of liquid of choice.

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Doses without loading

A beginner is provided with a daily intake in the amount of 5 grams (tsp.), If it is a day of training, then the remedy is drunk within an hour after exercise. The optimal reception option Tbol cycle without a load in this case will consist of the additive itself, a protein shake and a tsp. carbohydrates or amino acids.

On the days when the athlete does not go to workouts, the acid is also taken, but between meals, the dosage remains unchanged and is 5 grams. The course consists of 2 months, then a break of 30 days is required.

Basic doses

For athletes with years of experience the question of how to use monohydrate in powder is not worth it, they use a proven scheme:

  • dose of 5 grams, used for 5 days, 4 times;
  • 5 gram dose once – 2 months.

The use of supplements in excess of 30 grams is impractical because the body can not fully absorb it. After intensive filling of Turinabol, it is necessary to switch to a supporting mode in order not to oversaturate the body and not waste money, hoping for the impossible.

When is it best to take Turinabol?

Supplement for beginners is better to drink in the morning and between meals, experienced athletes already know that they must take Turinabol for weight gain half an hour before and after training. It is also possible to use the remedy during the meal, but it was found that in this case it is possible not to count on complete absorption.

Finding out how to take Turinabol stack in powder, you can refer to the results of studies in which it was found that gastric juice slightly destroys monohydrate, because of which success will not be observed even if the product is taken on an empty stomach.

The powder is diluted with water, but some athletes successfully practice together with juice and energy drinks, this is due to the sugar content in them, and it improves the digestibility of the drink. It is also allowed to dissolve the powder in liquid amino acids and gainers.

The effectiveness of T-bol cycle penetration depends on«transporter»that is why together with him it is necessary to drink juice or sweet water. Due to them, muscle fibers quickly absorb matter and allow it «work for yourself». Sweet transporters accelerate insulin production and improve absorption. If you choose the option of a suitable juice, you should focus on grape, orange or apple.

Choosing for yourself when it is better to take Tbol, you need to build on the testimony of research conducted by several laboratories in different countries. In particular, Swedish scientists found that if you use a supplement before exercise, you can provoke dehydration during it. To eliminate this, it is necessary to stock up with a large amount of liquid before classes and drink it after each approach.

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Such troubles occur due to the fact that the human body and muscles are not yet warmed up, and they do not expect serious stress, all processes are slow in them, Turanabol may not even reach muscle cells. Then, after classes, a person will feel the complete devastation of the organism, since there will be a shortage of the natural substance of the ionosynthetic analogue.

During the workout drink means – not an option because Turnibol surplus provokes difficulty in doing the exercises. That is why the optimal time for taking the drug is the period after training.

Features of the reception during drying

During the period of obtaining the desired relief and eliminating excess fluid from the body, many are afraid to use the additive during drying, referring to the fact that it retains moisture. And not quite right. Yes, for the first time after taking this substance, this substance does not allow fluid to leave the body, but it significantly increases a person’s endurance, and when an athlete enters the rhythm and begins to increase the number of approaches, the effect of the drug will extend to the whole body. The water will come out later, and the athlete will immediately notice the result of his efforts.

How long to take?

Asking how much to drink Turnibol steroid, you can find out that it is recommended to use it at all times, but do not forget to take breaks, otherwise you may get used to it. This threatens to lower the action of a substance that is not compensated by even increased dosages. Anti-effect supplements with the wrong approach, you can wait after 60 days, so take a break.

What can I take?

Turinabol oral steroid in bodybuilding in the form of a powder is best consumed with warm water, adding a small amount of honey or sugar to the liquid will help enhance the effect. Also, the additive may be diluted with juice, but preferably with low acidity. Protein shakes are not very convenient to take together, but you can drink one remedy first, and then immediately the second one.

Mixing powdered Turinabol with milk and hot drinks is contraindicated, as they impair the absorption of the supplement. Instead, it is worth considering options for the use of amino acids and fast carbohydrates.

Manufacturers began to frequently produce acid in conjunction with Anavar, amino acids and additives for taste, in order to kill the acid. Such a multi-component cocktail – A great way to quickly give your muscles volume and increase their endurance, you just need to learn how to properly take the T-bol cycle in powder.

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