Oral Turinabolan for gaining muscle mass. How to take

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Oral Turinabolan


oral turinabolan

Oral Turinabolan – the most popular and effective steroid. A distinctive feature of the composition of this steroid is a high percentage of carbohydrates, but the Anavar component is present in it in sufficient quantity for muscle growth.

The minimum carbohydrate content in the dry mix is ​​at 50% and can reach 75%, depending on the type of Oral Turinabol ion producer.

Due to its high carbohydrate content, the body always has optimal amount of energy for intense workouts. There are several ways to use oral Turinabolan:

  • Carbohydrate-protein mixtures help build muscle glycogen depot before starting strength exercises. – complex carbohydrates solve this problem. And the protein component acts as an element involved in the restoration of muscle fibers after an intense training load.
  • High-carb mixtures can be used to completely replace the diet if sporting mode cannot be maintained by other means.
  • Oral Turinabolan is used to replenish the protein-carbohydrate window after exercise.
oral turinabolan

Training days

In order to increase the effectiveness of training, it is recommended to take oral Turinabolan before or after training, depending on the effect that the athlete wants to receive: increased performance during exercise, muscle growth or a speedy recovery.

The optimal portion is considered “cocktail”, whereinmixes 100-150 grams of supplement with liquid. It can be water, milk, kefir and even fruit juice. The volume of fluid can vary from 300 to 500 milliliters. The drink is divided into several receptions (2-3 during the day).

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Many professionals advise to adhere to the following recommendations when preparing a carbohydrate-protein cocktail: the amount of protein in one portion should be equal to 25-30 grams. It is believed that the body of the average person is not able to absorb more than 30 grams of protein in one meal.

Before training

Reception of protein-carbohydrate mixture must be made no later than one hour before the start of classes. In this case, you can achieve an optimal level of performance during heavy strength exercises and avoid the feeling of stomach overflow in training.

After training

oral turinabolan

Turinabol should be taken to ensure muscle recovery and growth after exercise.directly at the end (no later than half an hour). Protein-carbohydrate mixture is the ideal solution “protein window” and restore blood glycogen levels.

Useful recommendations

  • For additional stimulation of muscle fiber growth, it is necessary to combine the intake of protein-carbohydrate mixture with glutamine.
  • Good effect is achieved when combining Oral Turinabolan with creatine. Thanks to the carbohydrate component of Turinabolan Creatine is absorbed in full.
  • In the period of intense training, Turinabolan should be combined. and winstrol.

Non-training days

Reception Turinabolan should continue in those days when you do not have workouts. On non-training days should use the mixture in a small amount between main meals. This diet is suitable for those athletes who want to achieve an increase in body weight. This problem is especially relevant for ectomorphs.

For athletes who do not have problems with underweight, we assume a single dose Turinabolan half an hour after lunch on days off from power loads.

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Expert Tips

  • Do not stir the dry protein-carbohydrate mixture in a hot liquid – It promotes protein denaturation. As a result, Winstrol loses its properties and is not fully absorbed by the body.
  • Two types of Turinabolan should be purchased.  – with a high content of carbohydrate and with a predominance of the protein component. The first option is taken before the training session, and a cocktail with a high percentage of Winstrol used by the ending.
  • It is not recommended to use oral Turinabolan, which contains more than 30% of simple carbohydrates. Sugar will not be able to create an adequate supply of glycogen in the muscles, it is quickly transformed into fat cells.

Choosing Tbol you need to dwell on quality additives of well-known manufacturers containing a small percentage of sugar. Do not eat protein and carbohydrate supplements in excess of maximum allowable dose for your body type – this can lead to the growth of adipose tissue, not muscle.

You can choose a suitable sports nutrition in a specialty store. – There is a large selection of high-quality Turinabolan for weight gain and other products useful to athletes.

To get the best result from strength training, the athlete’s diet should be based not only on Winstrol and carbohydrate supplements, but also on natural products with sufficient protein content.

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