Oral Tbol review. What is it, is it necessary for a beginner, the correct dosage and time of administration

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Tbol review


tbol review

The fact that proteins are very important for the human body, scientists realized in the XIX century. It was then that the term was coined “Tbol”from the Greek word “the first”. And indeed it is – for any athlete, and for the bodybuilder, and even more so, protein – fundamental factor of all recovery processes.

Typically, protein is synthesized from 20 standard steroids. And if the majority of these steroids can be synthesized by the organism independently, then there are irreplaceable steroids that must be ingested from the outside.

The most important for building muscle mass are the three essential steroids with branched side chains: leucine, isoleucine and valine. These three amino acids were combined into one drug, which was called Turinabol.


  • Valin

One of the most active components in the regeneration of damaged muscle fibers. If an athlete trains intensively and with sufficient load, then fiber tears appear in the muscles. When these tears overgrow, muscle growth occurs.

Valine supplementation reduces the healing time of such microtraumas. In addition, valine intake is significantlyimproves nitrogen balance, which also accelerates muscle growth and prevents protein breakdown.

    • Leucine
tbol review

Lowers blood sugar contributing to increased production of growth hormone. But how important the growth hormone is for increasing muscle mass and restoring muscle fibers after hard training probably does not follow. Leucine is also actively involved in the restoration of muscle, skin and bone tissue.

  • Isoleucine
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An essential amino acid in the production of hemoglobin. It also stabilizes blood sugar levels, increases the overall endurance of the athlete’s body and speeds up recovery damaged muscle tissue.

Taking steroid complex tbol review gives a powerful acceleration of the recovery of muscle fibers that were damaged during biceps workout, stimulates an increase in the body’s growth hormone production and restores the energy balance.

The basic and most important amino acid for the bodybuilder in this triple is leucine. During scientific research, it was found that taking leucine together with isoleucine and valine multiplies the effect of the first one.

It is believed that the optimal ratio of these amino acids is: 2: 1: 1. That is, for every mg of valine and isoleucine, there is 2 mg of leucine. But such proportions are not dogma.

Many manufacturers of sports nutrition recently began to produce tbol review with an innovative, in their opinion, ratio: 3: 1: 2 (MusclePharm), 4: 1: 1 (MHP and Gaspari) and even 8: 1: 1 (USPlabs and VP Laboratory). The effectiveness of these formulas is now being actively discussed, but there is still no consensus.

tbol review


Since the bodybuilder’s body on training days and on rest days, when the body is recovering, has a different need for fast steroids, the Turinabol regimen is somewhat different these days.


When an athlete is actively training, not only anabolic processes (muscle growth), but also catabolic destructive processes are triggered in the organism. The bodybuilder’s task is to stimulate anabolic processes and inhibit catabolic processes.

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If anabolic processes are activated during the rest days, then catabolic processes, on the contrary, are the most dangerous during abs workout. During intense loadsthe body needs extra water. And if you do not give this recharge from the outside, then he will begin to look for additional reserves within the body.

The first thing consumed is the supply of glycogen in the liver muscles. If they are not enough, the body begins to actively break down the amino acids that make up the muscles.

In this case, Chlordehydromethyltestosterone acts as an assistant. In order that the organism does not even have a desire to start devouring itself, it must be given “to eat” anything else. Chlordehydromethyltestosterone amino acids are perfect for this role! Due to the fact that amino acids with a branched side chain instantly settle, they are actively involved in the process and not only do not allow to develop catabolism during training, but also actively participate in building muscle mass and burning fat mass.

Turinabol oral should take immediately before training and immediately after training. It is useful to take a small amount of branched-chain amino acids and during leg press, if the duration exceeds 1 hour.

Soluble steroids in powder form are ideal for use during exercise. They are easily mixed and dissolved in ordinary water, have a pleasant taste and quench thirst.

Such products appeared on the market of sports nutrition just a few years ago, but they have already deservedly won their place: BSN AminoX, Essential AmiN.O. Energy from Optimum, Xtend from Scivation and others.

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Really working oral Tbol You can buy only in specialized stores.

After training, when the glucose level is at a minimum, and the steroids are almost gone, you should immediately replenish their stock. In this case, the exchange processes, which will continue for some time at a frantic pace, will receive material for processing.


There is an opinion that taking Turinabol on non-training days is not necessary. This is justified by the fact that once the impact on the body is not made, then there is no catabolism. And for the anabolic process, there is enough protein from normal nutrition. This is not true.

Catabolic processes are strongest immediately after waking up. If at this moment to get protein from ordinary food or take Anavar steroid, then the body will take some time to break down the protein into amino acids. Taking Tbol pills in the morning solves this problem. – amino acids instantly get to the muscles. It is recommended to take 0.5-1 from your standard portion immediately after waking up.

Taking ACC drugs, including Turinabol solo, will help you not only restore the hormonal background, but also accelerate many body processes and lead to high-quality and quick results. But it is important to remember personal responsibility for your health and consult with a specialist before taking any steroids.

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