Turinabol results in bodybuilding. Supplement release form and admission rules

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Turinabol results


turinabol results

Body-building – not such an easy sport as it may seem to a beginner. To achieve good results, an athlete needs to work a lot on himself, but exercise alone is not enough. Body builders take on various auxiliary steroids to get their muscles in shape and look perfect. – Chlordehydromethyltestosterone is one of the most important components in them.

Turinabol (sometimes called Tbol) is indispensable in bodybuilding. This steroid is part of the protein, which is responsible for the structure of muscle mass: it protects the muscles from destruction, contributes to the growth of their mass and volume.

The substance can be obtained from many products: meat, dairy products, fish, nuts and others, but athletes are more likely to choose special additives, where Turinabol steroid is in the right amount for them.

Properties and working principle

The protein contains 20 amino acids. – Turinabol is one of the most important.

Chlordehydromethyltestosterone has many useful properties:

  • stimulates the work of immunity;
  • improves digestion;
  • regulates the metabolic process;
  • prevents the destruction of muscles;
  • activates the performance of the brain;
  • promotes the production of growth hormone in the body;
  • increases protein digestibility;
  • helps to normalize blood sugar levels;
  • stimulates muscle saturation with nitrogen;
  • improves mood, protects from stress and fatigue.

Benefits and Turinabol results in sports

When performing difficult physical exercises, loss of Turinabol in the body can reach 50%. If you do not fill the deficit, it will lead to insufficient nutrition of muscle mass, its destruction, deterioration of the general condition of a person and a decrease in efficiency.

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What else do you need Turinabol for:

one.     Neutralizes ammonia and detoxification of the body. Ammonia is very toxic and negatively affects muscle tissue.

turinabol results

2     Strengthens immunity during training.

3     It contributes to the preservation of glycogen reserve, which is necessary for an athlete to restore the expended energy and strength

four.     Restores muscles after hard training.

five.     Maintains ph balance in the body.

Food Sources

Turinabol results can be obtained from both animal products and plant components.

Content in animal products per 100 g:

1. Elk – 3.65 g

2     Rabbit meat – 3.5 g

3     Pheasant breast – 3.6 g

four.     Beef – 3.07 g

five.     Chicken breast – 3.15 g

6     Mussels – 3.24 g

7     Herring – 3 years

eight.     Cottage cheese – 3.3 g

9.     Chicken eggs – 1.77 g

ten.  Pork – 2.22 g.

eleven.  Squids, crab meat – 3.08 g

12.  Shrimp – 3.01 g.

13.  Salmon – 2.96 g

14.  Pink salmon – 2.8 g

turinabol results

15.  Dutch cheese – 5.17 g

Content in plant products per 100 g:

one.     Peanut – 5.03

2     Sunflower seeds – 4.91 g.

3     Cashew nuts – 4.51 g

four.     Almond – 4.15 g

five.     Sesame nut – 3.95 g

6     Soy – 6.05 g

7     Lentils – 3.95 g

eight.     Beans – 3.56 g.

9.     Semolina – 3.2 g

Oral turinabol is also found in fruits and vegetables, but in very small quantities: it is in grapefruit, bananas, kiwi, peaches, cranberries, elderberry, strawberries, tomatoes, spinach and beets.

Supplement Release Form

There are different options for supplements with Turinabol. Which one to choose – a matter of taste and convenience of reception.

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one.     Many prefer to take Turinabol before and after in powder. This form is popular due to the fastest possible penetration of amino acids into muscle tissue. The powder is convenient to mix with regular food and add to cocktails.

2     Use Oral tbol tablets has its advantages: they are stored for a long time and make it easy to calculate the desired dose. A minus of pills is that they irritate the stomach.

3     Steroid capsules have the same effect as tablets, but the plus-head plus – the absence of any effect on the stomach wall. Capsules ensure rapid breakdown of the substance during the digestive process.

four.     Ready drinks and candy bars.

Rules and norms of admission

Experts have developed a special formula that can be used to calculate individual turinabol dosage: to do this, simply multiply your weight by 0.3 – the resulting number is the daily rate (in grams). For example, if you weigh 80 kg, then you need 80 * 0.3 = 24 (g).

How to take Turanabol in bodybuilding

The athlete should calculate his individual daily supplement rate and divide the four equal parts. For better absorption of the substance should be taken on an empty stomach at least half an hour before meals: on active training days, the first quarter is consumed before breakfast, the second – before training, the third – after it, and the fourth for an hour before sleep.

You can buy sports nutrition only in trusted stores. For example, Turanabol steroid in Body Factories has all the useful properties and comes from reliable manufacturers.

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On non-workout days, the amino acid is consumed four times a day before meals.

Athletes often drink Turinabol with other useful steroids, but Winstrol is undesirable to mix: it will slow down the absorption.


Turinabol steroid, like any supplement, has its own contraindications and side effects. It is not recommended to take:

1. People leading a low-active lifestyle. They do not spend the amino acid during active training, so the additional method simply does not make sense.

2     Athletes who have kidney problems, anemia, anxiety.

3     Those who use complex supplements. This can lead to side effects: vomiting, indigestion, nervous overexcitement, dry mouth, the formation of microcracks on the lips.

four.     People taking any medication (need to consult a doctor).

Turinabol oral is a steroid that is vital not only for athletes-bodybuilders, but also for people who lead an active lifestyle with constant physical exertion. This substance is involved in the construction and restoration of muscle tissue, has a beneficial effect on the body, strengthens the immune system and helps to cope with stress. However, it is important to remember that inaccessible people will not bring any benefit.

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