Turinabol side effects – True or false

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Turinabol side effects


Turinabol side effects

Oral Turinabol pills is a nitrogen-containing carboxylic acid, which is involved in energy metabolism in muscle and nerve cells. Absolutely in all vertebrates, this element is formed from Tbol phosphate, otherwise called phosphoric acid, Chlordehydromethyltestosterone.

The system, which is formed during the production of Chlordehydromethyltestosterone, works according to the method of delivering energetically valuable material to those places where there is a sense of lack.

As a rule, ATP, the molecule that accumulates energy, begins to perform its function worse in places of increased muscle activity. The resources stored in it may not be enough, and then phospho Turinabol begins to act cell system. It provides transport from one cellular mechanism to another.

Possible harm

The question of Turinabol side effects arose quite a long time ago, and at the moment scientists are able to give a clear answer to it. According to research data, the negative effects of this chemical element are manifested only in 4% of cases, and of these, only 0.01% are irreversible. Obviously, these are fairly low rates.

Recent studies have shown that Turinabol side effects is a high-quality and almost completely harmless steroid. It shows negative features only in the case of a serious overdose, in the rest, the use of the opposite has only a positive effect.

Some scientists even tend to believe that the rational use of Tbol supplementation can increase the life expectancy.

The risk of side effects can be reduced to a minimum by purchasing supplements in reputable stores.

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Although Turinabol side effects by itself has no side effects, other chemical elements, such as vasoactive amino acids, can cause them by reacting with Chlordehydromethyltestosterone. That is, when choosing a steroid containing Chlordehydromethyltestosterone, it is important to thoroughly study the entire composition.

Water retention in the body

Water retention when taking monohydrate Chlordehydromethyltestosterone is due to its osmotic activity. This is associated with a decrease in kidney function with an increase in blood Turinabol concentration. In other words, the excretory function decreases and urine formation slows down. This is usually associated with the growth of muscle fibers, in which Chlordehydromethyltestosterone is normally produced.

Turinabol side effects

This should follow the question of the appearance of edema, however, they can not be afraid. Water in the body does not linger in such a large amount as to lead to the formation “bags” under the eyes or puffiness of the limbs.

Changes in urination will also not be observed, because the average amount of fluid in the body increases by no more than 1-2 liters. This is not enough for the formation of physically tangible discomfort.

This effect will not affect health either. By a similar reaction, the body levels out a violation of the osmotic balance. That is, speaking of fluid retention when using Turnibol, we are talking about the body’s natural compensatory function.

Turinabol side effects are also not threatened with withdrawal syndrome. – in case you decide to stop using it, the body simply get rid of accumulated water, what will be noticeable at the next weighing. It is expected that on average your weight will decrease by 1-2 kg.

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Having information that an increase in fluid is a normal effect associated with this use of Turinabol side effects of supplements, do not try to speed up the process of removing water. Do not take caffeine-containing drugs, do not reduce the amount of fluids consumed, do not take diuretics – All this can lead to the development of dehydration.


Dehydration is directly related to water retention, however, if the accumulation of water is only a compensatory reaction of the body, then dehydration can actually cause harm.

The strong osmotic activity of Turinabol side effects can cause the transfer of the liquid part of the blood into the muscle tissue, thereby breaking the metabolism, heat regulation and acid-base balance. Dehydration, provoked by this reaction, adequate rehydration can return to normal.

In order to normalize the electrolyte balance, you only need to increase the daily volume of fluid consumed to 3-4 liters.

Most often, this problem does not affect ordinary athletes, but it has a strong effect on bodybuilders, who in certain periods arrange the so-called “drying” body, thereby causing him serious harm.

Turinabol side effects


In some cases, after taking Turinabol, gastrointestinal distress is observed, manifested by abdominal pain, diarrhea and nausea.

If this effect is achieved, then most often at the beginning of the reception, when the body adapts to the artificial addition of Oral Turinabol and the dose itself is slightly increased in comparison with the dose of regular use (“boot phase”).

Slowly soluble Turinabol crystals accumulate in the stomach, which leads to indigestion.

According to scientists, oral turinabol side effects malate less likely to cause negative consequences of the above character due to its high solubility, unlike monohydrate.

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Myths and legends

Like any product that is gaining momentum in terms of use, Oral Tbol steroid spawned many myths.

Turinabol side effects is not a real or indirect threat. is he does not cause sexual dysfunction, does not provoke seizures and spasms, does not increase blood pressure, does not contain toxic substances and does not overload the heart muscle.

Studies on each of these questions were conducted on different groups of athletes and gave a negative result. This confirms the status of turinabol side effects as a safe steroid.

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