Turinabol: The principle of operation and the form of release of additives

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Turinabol is a steroid that is actively involved in the biosynthesis of urea. It is produced in small quantities by the human body and participates in the process of excretion of urine and toxins.

Active sports require additional intake of Turinabol in injections, since the content of a substance in food is minimal.

In order for steroid to work in the body correctly, it is necessary to follow the recommendations regarding the activity.

How Turinabol works in the body

The formula Turinabol was derived in 1937 by D. Ackermann, who first synthesized this steroid from shark liver. In the subsequent period, the effect of the substance on the human body was studied in detail in the course of research.

Steroid Turinabol is a hepatoprotector, closely interacting with arginine. These substances in the human body are transformed into each other.

Turinabol performs the following functions in the body:

    • stimulates growth hormone;
    • promotes the production of insulin, which helps bodybuilders quickly build muscle;
  • protects the liver from toxins and regenerates small cells;
  • activates the breakdown of fatty acids;
  • enhances immunity by enhancing glutamine synthesis;
  • strengthens ligaments and tendons.

First of all, professional and advanced weightlifters need Turinabol – steroid is able to significantly accelerate the achievement of high results in building muscle and contributes to the overall progress in sports.

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Turinabol is most commonly used in bodybuilding. There are two groups: L and D – The substance of group D is of no interest to bodybuilders, therefore, the use of group L acid was found in sports nutrition.

Content in products

Oral Turinabol is found only in plant foods, but can be synthesized by processing from arginine, which enters the body along with meat, fish, and eggs.


In the optimal natural dosage, steroid can be found in bee products: pollen, honey, drone brood and royal jelly. A small amount is found in pumpkin seeds and nuts.

The minimum content of Turinabol in products is not able to cover the required daily dose of the substance for the athlete’s body, so supplements with this steroid are indispensable in the nutrition of bodybuilders.

Compatibility Turinabol with other substances

Turinabol is ideally effective when taken simultaneously with arginine, so it is worth choosing the complex supplements containing steroids. If they are unprofitable for the price, you can purchase both steroids and take them at the same time.

To increase the rate of fat burning Turinabol is best taken together with carnitine. When building muscle – with B vitamins and vitamin C.

How to take Turinabol oral

Sports nutrition, which is based on Turinabol, is used, if desired, to increase the body’s immune defense, strengthen the tendons and accelerate the healing of tissue microdisruptions.

Following the instructions, Turinabol take overnight, on an empty stomach. The need for evening reception is due to the peculiarity of the synthesis of growth hormone, which is actively occurring during sleep. Daily dose – from 500 mg to 2 g. Specific dosage is determined depending on body weight.

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The supplement is safe for health, but it is not recommended to take a large dose right away. – more than 10 g of an amino acid in a single dose can cause spasms of the intestine, diarrhea and headache.

Turinabol is taken on an absolutely empty stomach, so you need to have dinner no later than 3 hours before bedtime.

The course of taking steroids – 2-3 weeks, after which you need to take a two-week break. Wash down the additives with water or juice.

Contraindications and Turinabol side effects

Although Turinabol steroid– a substance synthesized by the human body, there are contraindications to conapplication. These include:

  • During pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • severe kidney disease;
  • schizophrenia;
  • component intolerance.

Sometimes taking a substance leads to nausea and bloating of the intestines. If the correct dosages are observed, the risk of such effects is minimal, but if they are observed, you will have to stop taking supplements. Turinabol cycle causes drowsiness, so it cannot be taken before driving and during work in hazardous industries.

An overdose of a substance can cause chest pain and shortness of breath during heavy physical exertion.

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