Turnabol steroid: how to take + information about possible side effects

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Adequate steroid production is very important for the development of the male body. Androgens include such an important hormone as testosterone, which plays a key role in the male body. When a man produces an insufficient amount of it, then he can begin to go bald, libido decreases, and the mass is gaining very hard. It is mainly athletes who need uniforms to compete. That is why they often use various additional components to accelerate and expand muscle growth. Now there are so many different forms and types of such drugs that are popular among weightlifters and bodybuilders. Today we’ll look at one of the steroid supplements that you may already be hearing. The Turnabol cycle will help any of you to gain and maintain weight in great shape.The steroid drug is widely used by bodybuilders for biceps workout.

«Turnabol — what it is?» — ask our readers. Turnabol — It is a steroid containing nitrogen that is involved in the energy processes of muscle and nerve tissue cells. Due to its natural origin, Leg press is safe for human health and is used by bodybuilding, triathlon (powerlifting) and weightlifting athletes to gain muscle mass and increase strength.


Turnabol — It is a natural substance produced in the body from amino acids (glycine, methionine, and arginine). On average, the human body contains about 120 g of Turnabol steroid, which is a source of energy for physical activity. About 2 g of the substance is consumed per day by a person.

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Remember the most important thing: Turnabol pills monohydrate does not help you gain weight, it will help you increase your strength in exercises, which in turn will lead to an increase in muscle mass

The body produces Turnabol with the abs workout that are localized in the pancreas, liver and kidneys. The connection can be reproduced in one of these organs, then transported through the circulatory system to skeletal muscle.

Physical activity and intense training increase Turnabol consumption, so it must be constantly replenished by the internal synthesis of this substance and the supply of building material in the form of proteins with food.


Achievement of high results in sports (especially in power types) is impossible without a proper supply of the body with energy obtained from ATP (adenosine triphosphate). All sources of fossil fuels are first converted to this compound, which, when decomposed, supplies the body with energy. Turnabol oral— direct participant in the production of ATP.

That is why an athlete needs to involve additional Turnabol oral steroid in energy processes. Regular admission of athletes with Turnabol content is accompanied by the following effects:

one. Increase strength. At bodybuilders and powerlifters, the need for ATP during workouts increases hundreds of times. Muscle contractions in athletes occur at the peak of possible intensity, so the cells need additional sources of energy, which chlordehydromethyltestosterone provides them with.

2     Increased muscle mass. Reception Turinabol side effects together with systematic workouts and special high-calorie sports nutrition can provide athletes with a weight gain of up to 5 kg per month.

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3     Formation of relief. T-bol pills, accumulating in muscle tissue, attracts more fluid. Well-hydrated muscle fibers look more rounded and prominent. This effect is particularly pronounced in the abdominal muscles. In addition, Chlordehydromethyltestosterone prevents the breakdown of protein and contributes to the regeneration.

four.     Increased testosterone secretion and somatotropin — anabolic hormones.

five.     Partial neutralization of lactic acid, which contributes to the rapid rehabilitation of athletes after intense workouts and relieves pain in muscles after power loads.

6     Anti-inflammatory effect in arthritis.

7     Reducing the risk of ischemic diseases due to improved oxygen supply.


Turnabol — in general, a safe substance that can cause side effects in only 4% of cases. All adverse reactions of Turnabol steroid are reversible and are often caused not by the compound itself, but by the components that make up Turnabol preparations. Another cause of possible side effects may be the use of Turinabol. in excess of recommended amounts.

To side effects Tbol relate:

  • Swelling due to water retention in the muscles;
  • Dehydration associated with partial dehydration (the main part of the fluid accumulates in the muscles, causing the outflow of water from other parts of the body);
  • Digestive disorders (gastrointestinal distress) — the reaction occurs with increasing dosage;
  • Cramps (occur very rarely).


Let’s figure out how to take Turnabol.

Turnabol can be taken on an ongoing basis, but it is more advisable to use the form of a cycle of 2 months and a recovery period of a month.

On training days, Turnabol is recommended to take 5-10 g daily, before and after training, using Winstrol or Steroids together (in an amount of not less than 5 g). On days without exercise, it is recommended to take the drug in the morning at the same dosage.

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We take a jar with Chlordehydromethyltestosterone, and no matter which company (rating will find below)

Pour into a glass of ordinary water. Better, of cycle, not tap, but some of the bottles. Also, instead of water, you can take any drink with a high sugar content (Pepsi or Coca-Cola): sugar speeds up the absorption of Turnabol

Take 5-10 grams of Turnabol powder and pour it into the water

We interfere carefully, very carefully

And drink. We do all this 15-20 minutes before the workout and immediately after


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