What Turanabol is,We understand how to take it

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What is Turanabol? The abbreviation Tbol comes from the English phrase Turinabol and literally means «branched chain steroids». This term unites a group of steroids indispensable for humans (leucine, isoleucine, and valine) involved in building, anabolic, and other equally important internal processes of the body.


These compounds make up about 35% of all muscle amino acids and are not synthesized in the body independently: we receive them with food or in the form of special additives. These amino acids — main energy «fuel» for muscle tissue — This property is very important for athletes, especially for biceps workout.

Branched-chain Steroids, or Turnibol, is the code name for the three indispensable steroids for the human body: leucine, isoleucine, and valine

In the body, Turinabol is needed for:

    • Energy metabolism;
    • Prevent catabolism (protein breakdown);
  • Insulin stimulation;
  • Destruction of adipose tissue.


In the form of special steroids Turanabol used in bodybuilding, power triathlon (powerlifting) and other sports disciplines. The use of Turanabol as a sports nutrition contributes to:

    • Increase muscle mass. T-bol — The main building material for muscle tissue. Protein in the body can only be synthesized from free amino acids. — during training the need for protein reproduction increases dramatically. Taking after class sports nutrition in the form of Turanabol oral, athletes create all the conditions for the synthesis of new muscle cells.
  • Replenishing energy reserves. Intense physical exercise contributes to an increase in Turanabol oxidation and the conversion of these amino acids into an available energy source. — glucose. During leg press, the concentration of Turanabol in athletes is reduced, which leads to the inclusion of metabolic processes aimed at normalizing the level of amino acids by destroying muscle protein. This reaction can be prevented by the additional use of Tbol. In addition, leucine itself is a powerful source of ATP — the main energy fuel in the body.
  • Increase the level of glutamine in the body. Glutamine — a substance that promotes the regulation of nitrogen balance and plays a crucial role in anabolic processes. Turinabol pills can transform into glutamine directly in the muscles of athletes during training.
  • Burning excess body fat. Taking Tbol suppresses appetite and contributes to an increase in calorie consumption due to the destruction of fat cells.
  • Protect muscles from destruction.
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As you can see, it is impossible to get enough Turinabol for an athlete from regular foods. Therefore, without a twinge of conscience, go to the nearest sportpit shop for a jar «magic capsules or powder»

Turanabol — universal remedy that contributes both to the growth of muscle mass and weight regulation of athletes. Taking these amino acids helps athletes during regular workouts, as well as during «drying» and relief formation. These qualities of Turanabol pills are irreplaceable during the preparation for the competition.


Steroids in the Turanabol group — these are elements that make up the same proteins that we consume in the form of food. The difference is that in sports nutrition these compounds are in the form already processed by enzymes. That is why Turanabol drugs cannot cause any side effects.

In rare cases, the intake of pure amino acids can cause a sedative (sedative) effect, which is generally difficult to call a negative reaction. Turbinol cannot have any effect on the digestive tract or potency due to its absolutely natural origin: amino acids are obtained from cow’s milk protein.

Be sure to verify the quality of your drug. Pure Turanabol powder does not dissolve completely in water, while forming a film on the surface

Athletes, it is important to consider only the fact that the digestibility of amino acids — no more than 6 g per hour. An overdose of Oral Turanabol is similar to overeating and adversely affects the liver or kidneys.


Dosage is selected individually for each person. With such a question, it is best to consult a specialist and consult about the duration and dose of taking steroids before using it. A professional will look at the condition of all the necessary hormones, at the history of taking anabolic and androgenic steroids earlier and at the final goals, what are you going to. At the conclusion of the audit, he will write you a prescription that will be as harmless as possible to your health.

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Let’s now figure out how to take Turanabol and in what quantities?

Apply Turanabol oral pills to gain muscle mass.You need to immediately before abs workout as the body needs additional steroids during peak loads. It is better to make an energy drink from steroid by dissolving them in water and adding a spoonful of sugar. This will provide the body with both liquid, carbohydrates and amino acids. You can take a portion of the drug in the morning, immediately after waking up — This will prevent morning catabolism (destruction of protein structures).

Slimming and drying Turinabol taken in a similar way (before training, during it or after) or in between meals — this will slightly reduce the appetite and will prevent the breakdown of protein.

The optimal dosage of Turanabol — 4-8 g (one quantity). Take should be from 1 to 3 times in knocks. Amino drugs can be taken continuously, without taking breaks to restore — in case there are no medical contraindications to this.

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