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Tbol cycle

Getting rid of body fat with the Tbol cycle

Let’s see if you need Turinabol for weight loss, or not? Let’s start. Turinabol steroid is a substance used as a fat burner in professional and amateur fitness. It is synthesized in the human brain, kidneys and liver. But for normal production requires high-quality balanced nutrition with plenty of animal protein (since the main source of…
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Turinabol cycle

How to take Tbol cycle. Cycle duration and regimen

  Turinabol is a steroid produced by the human body and necessary for the implementation of energy metabolism in muscle and nerve cells. The production of this steroid occurs upon the ingestion of food of animal origin. On average, human body produces 120 mg of Chlordehydromethyltestosterone per day, which is necessary for daily physical activity.…
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